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"It has been here for thousands of years. It is a place where Sith teachings run strong… It is the threshold of the borders of an ancient empire. Kreia says that it was a place of reflection for the ancient Sith… a gateway to their lands. It drew Lord Revan… and it calls to her as well. She said that the teachings here will lead one to the Sith… the true Sith… and all their shadowed worlds. This place led Revan to the graveyards of Korriban… and beyond."
-Darth Sion

"I was a historian once, gathering the relics of the Jedi, learning the ancient mysteries. Always, there were more questions."


Welcome to the home of The Shadowbringers!

The Shadowbringers is a medium RP guild, consisting mostly of Polish SW fans, but we hope to extend beyond that
. We are always looking for a friendly, mature players. We are eager to perfect every aspect of the game. RP events, flashbacks, operations and PVP warzones, but most of all - questing. In other MMO's we learned the truth - the Guild is always its members, not some rank tags. And that's our primary goal - to make this guild "player friendly". Noone will be neglected. Every member is equally important.

Guild background: We are following the dark paths of Trayus Academy, always greedy for new knowledge and old artifacts. Knowledge is a weapon, and we want to be the best armed force in the upcoming conflict. Opposition will be crushed. [background is still evolving, and we hope you will help in this hard task
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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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